Monday, 16 May 2011

Returning Jeans

I was meant to wake up at 9am and leave at 11am, but being the lazy panda I am, I actually woke up at 11am and had my 'breakfast' at 1pm.
I left the house at 1:30pm and took the bus to my local shopping area. I went to Next to return two of the jeans that I bought the other day.
I was with with my mum earlier tonight because I had to try on the new outfit I got and my dresses for the end of the month. I dont think anyone wants to go with me, so, as usual,
I will be going alone. My mum knows how to cheer me up. That is all Im saying.

I ate ham and cheese panini at Costa Coffee. I also had an egg and cress sandwhich. It was yummy. I dont like coffee, so I had the purple fruit shoot instead.
I just finished watching the highlights of Lady Gaga on the Radio 1 weekend thing. I didnt think she was good today... she looked very tired.
I am going to watch Glee tonight at 9pm... I adore Chris Colfer. I know he is gay, but like, I want him to be my hunny bunny! I love him! Rotfl! ):

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