Thursday, 31 March 2011

Waste Of Time

I'm so angry! Total waste of time today. I absolutely hate my University. I wanted to wake up late because I'm still not feeling well. I have food poisoning for fuck sake. But oh no, they call me up and say I have to fucking return a book.
I am so sick, like I am literally throwing up every five minutes, and I had to go all that way to hand in one book because of one stupid little person who was inconsiderate and didn't even ask if I needed the book for longer. I mean wtf? |:
I'm so fucking angry right now. I mean, I loaned the book for a month! Thats like nearly 30 days. This woman expects me to give it back in 3 hours! D:
What the fuck? I had to go all that way and... See, I told you I complain a lot.

Anyway, I returned the book. I had to photocopy the pages before returning it though.
I hate unorganized people! Next time - First come, first serve... Inconsiderate bitch...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Food Poisoning

I threw up this morning, like really badly. I have severe food poisoning.
I had pizza at my uncle's house the other day (I love pizza, but right now, I wanna barf) and it tasted fine then. The next day, yesterday, I was feeling a little weak. My muscles were hurting really badly - especially my knees.
Then we come to this morning and omg my head was spinning. I wanted to throw up, but nothing came out. It was around 10am and I called my mum. After I put the phone down, well, lets just say, I was looking at my pizza.
I was in so much pain. I have never had food poisoning before, like ever. Even though I eat junk food, I am always careful with what I eat and drink. I do not like this feeling! PAIN! D:
My parents said it was because I've been sleeping at 5am for the past three days.
I am nocturnal. I am always awake at night, so that wouldn't have been the reason.
I can't type properly right now because I have nausea. I'm shivering too. Ugh, bye.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hurts In Summer

I woke up this morning with a little bit of a headache, but I'm okay.
In other news, Dita Dita Von Teese is going to be on CSI tonight! :)
I'll watch "P.S. I Love You." Its such a cheesy movie, but I love it.

I saw a tweet by NME that Hurts are going to be in London this summer.
I was a bit worried, but I asked my mum if I could go... SHE SAID YES!
OMFG! MY PARENTS SAID I CAN SEE HURTS! Im so fucking happy! D:
I hope I can get the tickets! They go on sale 9am this Friday! Lets rumble.

Monday, 28 March 2011

I Love Glee

I'm going to be very boring today and concentrate on my coursework.
I took a little break to watch, "60 Minute Makeover." Its so awesome.
There was a time where I wanted to become an interior designer. I actually wouldn't mind becoming one, but yerno... I'm lazy... plus its expensive.
Glee is coming on tonight! I better finish my work! I'll return to le blog tomorrow! Mwah!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Jungle Book

I am watching 'The Second Jungle Book.' (1997) It is not the Disney one. I thought it was the Disney film, but this movie was all right. Nothing special.
I am going to do some boring coursework. I feel like I could actually concentrate today because no one is at home. I shall be blasting my music!
Today is #Sunday, therefore I shall listen to #Sunday (Hurts)
Kim and Koutney Take New York. Holly's World. Stress. Bed.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Born This Way

Today I woke up around 10:00am, which is very early, considering I always wake up after or around 11:00am. I'm not a morning person.
While I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking about how fat I am. I decided to dance to 'Born This Way' by 'Lady Gaga.' I love the beat.

I excercised for about ten minutes to reduce my butt and my thunder thighs. I had an argument with someone on YouTube because I'm trying to make my butt smaller.
He was all, 'Why would you make your butt smaller? I like big butts and I cannot lie!' Then he got a little pervy and I just ignored him after that vulgar comment.

I ate Golden Nuggets for breakfast. I ignored the coco pops.
I saw 'Great British Hairdresser.' 'Stay' and 'Blood, Tears and Gold' was playing in the background. I watched The Big Bang Theory. I saw Ben Barnes on T4 and died like ten thousand times. I did not know he was going to be on there.
I sent off my Michael Jackson Project details. Im nervous.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Hurts Get Award

I wanted to relax and sleep this morning. I deserved it because I finished all of my lectures... but you know what? I ended up waking up at 9am.
I wanted to publish this yesterday, but as you can see, the previous post was fairly large, so I will type it now... My favourite band deserve their own post...

I am so happy for Hurts! My boys got an award! (Yes, I did say my boys)
They were up against Bruno fucking Mars for 'Best International Artist/Band!'
I love Bruno, but come on, he is already famous, and omg, I'm so happy!
Theo Hutchcraft doesn't need to throw a grenade at Bruno Mars now! Lol!
- If you read his tweet about that then you would understand! Trollin! xD
I also enjoyed their live performance of 'Stay.' I have a thing for choirs...
I'm so happy man! When you know what these boys have gone through and what they have achieved, you just feel like a proud mother fucker! xD

Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Last Lecture

I woke up at 6am to leave for the train at 9am. I don't know why, but I take forever to get ready. I don't even do my hair or wear makeup.
Anyway, after my tutorial (not lecture, but meh) I got some feedback for my Michael Jackson project. I have to officially start it now.
I got attacked by students in front of the University Libary because they want me to vote for them (student election or something) \:
It took me 20 minutes to find the book I want! It was an academic book about Disney.

I came home around 2:00pm and felt tired and depressed. I didn't want to tell my brother or sister why. I miss Dame Elizabeth Taylor.
I had cereal and a chocolate chip muffin for lunch. Like I said, I know how to eat healthy.
My brother is being moody with me. I have to keep away from the developing teenager.

Yeah, anyway, so, technically, Thursday 17th was my final lecture. I don't have to wake up at odd hours of the morning to catch the train - unless my teachers call me in for a tutorial, but I can forgive them... Woah! I just finished three years of lectures! xD

I just finished watching '10 Things I Hate About You.' I miss Heath! ):
Its 10:50pm and Im going to watch 'Toy Story Three' for the first time!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

RIP Elizabeth

RIP Elizabeth

"Dame Elizabeth Taylor (February 27th 1932 - March 23rd 2011) was an English-born American actress. She gained early fame as a child actress and was later recognized not only as a talented and award-winning film star, but also for her glamorous lifestyle and her extraordinary beauty, as most evident in her unusual and striking violet eyes."

I seriously cannot believe she is gone. To think, a few days ago, I air mailed her a 'get well soon' card. I can't even describe how I'm feeling... She was one of the first celebrity supporters for Aids. She was a strong woman. Elizabeth, I love you.
OH SHIT! I just started crying! The song that Michael sang for her. I can't breathe!
Both of them are... omg... look at what I found...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

♡ Disney HQ Day

Today I went to the Disney HQ in London! It was so fucking amazing! Im sorry for the language, but it really was! Lol! I am smiling like crazy right now.
The manager took my class and I into this room. It was tiny and it looked like a university class. The employees gave us a few mini lectures about the company and what it does.
It was interesting learning about it... In the break we browsed around this partiicular part of the building and we saw little Disney minatures in glass cases! It was so cute!
In the same room, there was the REAL Iron Man suit that Robert Downey Jr. wore! Ive posted the pictures below. Also, look at this cardboard stand of Flynn Rider! I put my visitor pass on his finger! I wanted to leave my mark! Lol! xxx

Monday, 21 March 2011

Despicable Me

I was meant to watch 'Despicable Me,' but my brother took the laptop to college (without telling me) so I have to sit here staring at the ceiling till he comes home.
I am currently listening to 'I Blame Coco - Self Machine.' Apparently Coco was in Poland yesterday. I saw her official Facebook page and everyone loved the show.
I am going somewhere very interesting tomorrow! I will blog about it when I come back! ;)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Golden Nuggets

I just ate the last box of 'Golden Nuggets.' I want more.
I saw this programme about children who want to be famous.
My nose is itchy. I want to sneeze, but its not coming out.
After three hours, my sneeze finally came out. It didn't stop for a whole seven minutes.
I am listening to 'Spirit Golden' on repeat. I fucking love this song.
I finished the first part of my Dissertation and emailed it.
I saw 'Jurrassic Park III.' I am obsessed with those movies.
I ate McDonalds. I feel fat, but hey, it was my choice tonight.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mona Lisa Smile

'Mona Lisa Smile' is coming on television. I've always wanted to see it.
'Liar Liar' is also coming on in the evening, so I guess I'll watch that too.
I am now going to eat Chinese Food then get on with my Dissertation.
I am still doing my Dissertation. Yeah, Saturday nights are always fun.

Alexa Chung

I just realised how gorgeous Alexa Chung is! It was her eyes and her smile that did it.
I remember seeing her (livestream) for a few minutes before one of the 'Fashion Week' runway shows in February 2011. Alexa was posing for pictures.
I saw her again, now, on television for a couple of seconds. I seriously love her style.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Fathom Movie

I'm watching Fathom (1967) I want Raquel Welch's hair. I just realised I havn't touched my hair for nearly five years. I might have trimmed it, but thats all.
I'm doing coursework. The usual.
I'm watching Comic Relief 2011 ♥ Fearne Cotton looks gorgeous as always. I met her and Holly Willoughby once. They are more beautiful in person.
The clips on programme are really making me cry. I can't type. I just can't. I apologize.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I went to bed at 12:00am... I woke up at 1am. Then at 2am. Then at 3am. Again at 4am. Then at 5am. I woke up for university at 6am. I basically had no sleep.
The theme for our lecture today was 'Happiness.' I thought of HURTS.
I finally got air mail stamps and posted the very late Christmas Cards.
I just ate chinese food. I feel fat... I'm going to sleep for a while. I'm tired.
PS - Skins finale is on tonight! xoxo

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I Blame Coco

I officially have a new obsession. Her name is Eliot.
☆ See more pictures of Coco Sumner on Zimbio ☆

Spirit Golden

Minstrel Chocolates and Fanta for lunch. I know how to eat healthy... LIKE A BOSS.

"Someone" In my house is drunk-a-dunk. I wish they would go away. I seriously have to finish this coursework. I was meant to hand it in at 5pm. Its now 8:30pm.

I discovered an artist called, "Eliot Paulina Sumner." She's in the band, 'I Blame Coco.'
I just have one question - WHY DID I NOT DISCOVER HER SOONER? o_o
Her voice is so unique and her songs are amazing! Take a listen! Seriously!
YouTube this song - "I Blame Coco - In Spirit Golden."

Monday, 14 March 2011

On The Floor

My back is a little better, but my neck is killing me. I tried dancing and it felt a bit better. How ironic. The cause of my injury makes me feel better. That is just crazy.

Its 1:00am and I'm meant to be doing coursework.
Instead, I'm dancing to "Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor."
I have so much concentration right now. Like seriously.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Jurassic Park

I sat on the chair all day again because of my back injury.
I went a bit crazy on Facebook and commented on some 'HURTS' pictures.
I would have done some MJ ones, but its still too hard to look and not cry.
I watched 'Take Me Out' and 'Jurassic Park.' I love dinosaurs. Rawr baby.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Best Friend

I was meant to be with my #MJFam in London today, but because of my back and neck injury from the other day, I couldn't go.
I stayed at home and started working on my Dissertation again.

I saw the movie 'My Girl.' I didn't cry though. I've never had a best friend so I don't know what it feels like to lose one. It was a good story. I would reccommend it.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Rick Genest

Rick Genest

I have a new obsession. His name is 'Rick Genest.'
If you dont know who he is, watch the 'Lady Gaga - Born This Way' video.
I havnt heard him speak, but I bet he has a sexy deep hard-core voice.
I heard about Rick before, but I never really knew anything about him.
All I knew was that people made fun of him for having so many tattoos...
I dont fucking care. I love this man. He is walking talking art. Im in love.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Today I woke up with serious back pain. I thought it would be better, but it just feels worse. I shouldn't have slept on that stiff-ass sofa.
I watched 'The Pursuit of Happyness.' I added it to my 'favourite movies' list.
Will Smith is one of my favourite people. He is one of my greatest inspirations.
He is not a stupid-ass like some actors. I love actors that are sensible! Mwah!