Thursday, 31 March 2011

Waste Of Time

I'm so angry! Total waste of time today. I absolutely hate my University. I wanted to wake up late because I'm still not feeling well. I have food poisoning for fuck sake. But oh no, they call me up and say I have to fucking return a book.
I am so sick, like I am literally throwing up every five minutes, and I had to go all that way to hand in one book because of one stupid little person who was inconsiderate and didn't even ask if I needed the book for longer. I mean wtf? |:
I'm so fucking angry right now. I mean, I loaned the book for a month! Thats like nearly 30 days. This woman expects me to give it back in 3 hours! D:
What the fuck? I had to go all that way and... See, I told you I complain a lot.

Anyway, I returned the book. I had to photocopy the pages before returning it though.
I hate unorganized people! Next time - First come, first serve... Inconsiderate bitch...

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