Friday, 25 March 2011

Hurts Get Award

I wanted to relax and sleep this morning. I deserved it because I finished all of my lectures... but you know what? I ended up waking up at 9am.
I wanted to publish this yesterday, but as you can see, the previous post was fairly large, so I will type it now... My favourite band deserve their own post...

I am so happy for Hurts! My boys got an award! (Yes, I did say my boys)
They were up against Bruno fucking Mars for 'Best International Artist/Band!'
I love Bruno, but come on, he is already famous, and omg, I'm so happy!
Theo Hutchcraft doesn't need to throw a grenade at Bruno Mars now! Lol!
- If you read his tweet about that then you would understand! Trollin! xD
I also enjoyed their live performance of 'Stay.' I have a thing for choirs...
I'm so happy man! When you know what these boys have gone through and what they have achieved, you just feel like a proud mother fucker! xD

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