Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day

It is Valentines Day, and I have to give in my Annotated Bibliography. This is the one for the Michael Jackson project that I will be working on.
I made sure I got to university at a time where most of my class mates had a lesson.
I had to walk through the long corridor in the 'South' building, and I was hoping I wouldn't see anyone there... but oh no... guess who was standing there? Mr Library Kid.
Yeah, I was trying to ignore him, but he keeps coming back, like wtf? \:
I think God hates me or something. He won't let me ignore Library Kid...
I celebrated valentines day alone. I bought myself a present as well.
I bought myself a red rose because no one buys that kinda shit for me.
I have a Hollywood Future project due on Thursday, so I best start! Bye!

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